Threats to Sea Turtles

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Marine Environment-

Turtles can become entangled in gillnets, pound nets, and the lines associated with longline and trap/pot fishing gear. Turtles entangled in these types of fishing gear may drown and often suffer serious injuries to their flippers from constriction by the lines or ropes. In addition to entangling turtles, longline gear can also hook turtles in the jaw, esophagus, or flippers. Trawls that are not outfitted with turtle excluder devices (TEDs) do not allow turtles to escape, which may result in mortality through drowning.

Fishing dredges, extremely heavy metal frames dragged along the ocean floor, can crush and entrap turtles, causing death and serious injury. In the Pacific, coastal gillnet and other fisheries conducted from a multitude of smaller vessels are of increasing concern. These fisheries, called artisanal fisheries, can collectively have a very great impact on local turtle populations, especially leatherbacks and loggerheads.

Awareness of the threats to our endangered friends can help to reversing the devastation.  Lets slow down our unconscious choices to alter this course of detriment.

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